5 Hitting Stat Leaders You Certainly Did Not Know

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

#1 Extra Base Hit: Aubrey Huff
A lot was made the past few days of Stephen Drews 40, 10, & 20 splits so one might have thought he was the extra base hit leader. Some may have thought Albert Pujols the best hitter in baseball had the most extra base hits. Others may have gone with Hamilton or Utley or Wright or Braun or any of the studs in the league right now. Would anybody have thought it was Aubrey Huff who has the most extra base hits in baseball?

#6 Grounded into Double Play: Derek Jeter
Here's a stat most probably didn't know about the disappointing Yankees this year; Derek Jeter hits into a ton of double plays. He's certainly having a down year average wise and overall stat wise but his 26 double plays have consistantly been rally killers.

#1 Pitcher Per Plate Apperance: Nick Swisher
I would have thought the Greek God of Walks would have dominated this category or hitters like Adam Dunn, Ryan Howard, Jack Cust etc. Players that either strike out, walk or hit homers. I guess Swisher is close to this category but he certainly wouldn't have been my first guess. Regardless, Swisher sees over 4.5 pitches per plate appearance and is certainly a key contributor for the White Sox grinding away starters.

#1 Hit By Pitch: Chase Utley
Utley is certainly an old school player and I guess I can't say I'm surprised by the fact he is leading baseball in getting drilled. But he is smallish and should be able to get out of the way of pitches, unlike the large man that trails him by 7 Jason Giambi. I guess its obvious that Utley doesn't really want to get out of the way.

#11 Stolen Bases: Matt Kemp
I knew Kemp was a great athlete coming into this season and that he had a chance of going 20/20 if actually given the paying time he deserved. But did you have any idea that the man has 35 steals this year? Only 3 behind teammate Juan Pierre.

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