2008 NFC East Preview

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

New York Giants

Predicted Record: 12-4
Playoff Seed: 2

Key Player: Justin Tuck, With the absence of Osi and Strahan the man with the millions Justin Tuck is going to need to perform at a very high level. He has all the pressure squarly on his shoulders. If he gets to the QB consistently they can make up for the absences. If he struggles the Giants will give up a lot of points.

Fantasy Player to Eye: The Juggernaut, Brandon Jacobs will be a beast at the goal line this year and with Eli comfortable the Giants should be putting up a lot of points this season.

Why the Record: Eli Manning. Perhaps it was just 4 games or perhaps it was the turn around of a career. I go with the latter. Despite having less talent and being more mistake prone than his older brother he's always somehow had a better knack for the big spot. His rookie year he lead some 4th quarter comebacks. He actually beat Florida in college with a less talented football team, and he lead a complete underdog to the Superbowl title. 12-4 may be a high estimate, but Eli has turned the corner.

Dallas Cowboys

Predicted Record: 12-4

Key Player: Jason Witten, The Cowboys currently have some question marks after TO at the wideout position. Witten must have a big season to take away some of the double coverage which will often be placed on TO.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Felix Jones, I'm not saying that Felix Jones is going to get a boatload of carries or have a massive impact, but there is a chance that in addition to getting work as a 3rd down back that he ends up getting some downs as a slot receiver.

Why the Record: The Cowboys have the talent to win a ton of regular season games. The question is, does Tony Romo have the scrotum to win a playoff game.

Philadelphia Eagles

Predicted Record: 8-8

Key Player: The Physical Therapist, The story was the same last year as it has been in the past, knicks and bruises and injuries around the board. Already Kevin Curtis is down and if a few more players go down with injury the Eagles will just miss out on the postseason.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Reggie Brown, Without Curtis, Brown is undeniably the main receiving target for McNabb. He had a decent season in 2007 with 780 receiving yards, but in 2008 he should find himself with more receptions and more end zone celebrations.

Why the Record: Come on you really think Westbrook and McNabb are going to stay healthy this season? Westbrook has never played a full 16 games in a regular season and McNabb hasn't since 2003.

Washington Redskins

Predicted Record: 6-10

Key Player: Jim Zorn, Jim Zorn has never been an offensive coordinator in his life. Oh wait nevermind he was for a few weeks when he was hired as the offensive coordinator but then made the Head Coach. For someone with such limited coaching legacy to go off of, it shall be interesting to see how he performs with the coaching power.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Jason Campbell, He's got the gig all to his own and has the talent to make a mark. As a fantasy backup he just might surprise you and contribute to a few key victories.

Why the Record: Someone in the division has to lose games. The Redskins have the worst quarterback in the division and made some questionable coaching decisions coming into the year.

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