NCAA Week 4 Power Rankings

Monday, September 22, 2008

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Arkansas St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

The SEC had big matchups this weekend and the chips fell exactly where I expected them to with LSU, Bama, Florida and UGA looking like the class of the conference.

1. USC - The idle Trojans could potentially get supplanted if an SEC team runs the table, but that victory over the Buckeyes won't be going away anytime soon. Quality Wins: Ohio State

2. LSU - The Tigers despite their questionmarks at quarterback were able to battle back on the road against a solid Auburn squad and now a firmly entrenched in the BCS race once again. Quality Wins: @Auburn

3. Alabama - Who knows if Arkansas is any good or whether Clemson is for real and will take home the ACC, but right now Bama is looking very impressive when matched up against fellow BCS schools. Quality Wins: @Clemson, @Arkansas

4. South Florida - The win versus Kansas was huge but they are looking vulnerable every weekend they play. Eventually this team is going to get knocked off. Quality Wins: Kansas

5. Mizzou - They put up a ton of points again but one has to question if their defense gives up 20+ points to Buffalo, how many will they give up against the Sooners or Longhorns? Quality Wins: (n)Illinois

6. UGA - UGA is cruised this weekend in Arizona, and gets to host the Crimson tide this weekend for the biggest showdown of the weekend. Quality Wins: @South Carolina, @Arizona St.

7. Wisconsin - The Badgers can still hang their hat on the Fresno victory thanks to Fresno pulling off an OT win against Toledo. Quality Wins: @Fresno St.

8. Vandy - Vandy hangs on vs. Ole Miss and hangs on in the rankings. I'd imagine they will lose soon enough and fall out. Quality Wins: South Carolina

9. Utah -Utah saved their skin and their ranking with a late 4th quarter comeback against Air Force. Quality Wins: @Michigan, @Air Force

10. Wake Forest - Thinking FSU on the road is a big win might be a thing of the past but Wake got themselves a jump start in the ACC and just might make a push for their BCS birth. Quality Wins: @FSU

11. Florida - Road wins against Tennessee are usually very impressive but let's not forget the Vols lost to UCLA who is absolutely terrible. It was a crapshoot for me to select between Florida and BYU, but the edge for this week is to Florida. Quality Wins: @Tennessee

Dropped Out: Arkansas St. (they lost last weekend and I missed it whoops), East Carolina (due to a miserable miserable miserable loss to NC St. who is awful, plus WVU lost again), BYU (thanks to UCLA proving they are awful by losing to Arizona)

Noticeable Absences: Oklahoma, Texas & Texas Tech with their very difficult out of conference schedules.

(n) = neutral field

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