NCAA Week 2 Power Rankings

Monday, September 08, 2008

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Arkansas St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

What an absolute bore of a college football weekend. Ohio had a chance to pull off an amazing upset but folded and the only really entertaining game to watch was a battle of Florida schools, one that did not include Miami, UF or FSU.

1. East Carolina - There is no arguing the Pirates place on this here poll. Nobody in college football has put together two bigger wins in the opening weeks that the Pirates. They knocked off the Hokies in dramatic fashion and pummeled the Mountaineers. These two wins, minus a bad loss, will keep the Pirates in this poll for a long time. Quality Wins: VT, WVU

2. Alabama -Week of mediocre victory against Tulane but the Clemson throttling carries through. Quality Wins: @Clemson

3. UCLA - A week off for the Bruins leads to a stationary spot. Quality Wins: Tennessee

4. Utah - Beat the pants off of UNLV after knocking off Michigan. Quality Wins: @Michigan

6. Mizzou - Followed up the win over captain Zookers with a blowout victory over Double Directional Missouri St. Quality Wins: (n)Illinois

7. Cal - Followed up their solid win against Michigan St. by beating Wazzu 66-3. I don't think Wazzu is very good this year.Quality Wins: Michigan St.

8. Vandy - With all that talk from Lou Holtz I would have you know thought the Gamecocks would throttle the Commodores. Alas Doctor Lou got it wrong.Quality Wins: South Carolina

9. USC -UVA is probably garbage but no one else really has big wins so USC will remain and after saturday either the Trojans or the Buckeyes will vault to near the top of this poll. Quality Wins: @UVA

9. Fresno St. - A much deserved bye week after traveling cross country. Quality Wins: @Rutgers

10. Arkansas St. - They followed their week 1 win by putting up 83 points against SWAC school Texas Southern. They were leading 52-0 at one point before half time. that's fun.Quality Wins: @Texas A&M

11. Georgia Tech - I have no idea how good BC is going to be this year, but we shall give GT credit for knocking them off atleast for now. Quality Wins: @BC

Dropped Out: Nebraska, Bowling Green

Noticeable Absences: The Majority of the AP top 11.

(n) = neutral field

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