Sign Bernie For Sunday

Friday, September 19, 2008

At the start of the 2007 season the Yankees organization brutally botched the Bernie Williams scenario. Instead of signing the best postseason player in franchise history for one final swan song, they signed Doug Stinkevich and Andy Can't Hit a Lick Philips. What a miserable idea. This season in centerfield the Yanks have played Melky and his 36 RBI in like 400 at bats and Brett .180 Gardener. Bernie would have been better than either even at 40.

So why bring this up now? Bernie needs a real send off. He deserves it. He was a great Yankee. In the 2 seasons since he has left he has never gotten his send off, never gotten the ovation he deserved. On sunday he will be at the stadium for the final home game at the House that Ruth Built. On sunday the Yankees should go one step further than honoring him on the field, they should sign him to a 1 day contract and suit him up. The season is done and over, and Bernie is probably better than Melky or Gardener anyway, I don't care if some people would see it as a mockery, the man deserves to wear the uniform one last time. He deserves to suit up and hear the roar of the crowd. His crowd.

Cashman, Steinbrenners, etc. get this done please.

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I agree ... this is a superb idea ... Simon, make the call to Cashman and make it happen

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