NFL Week 3 Pick Suggestions

Friday, September 19, 2008

Ya... When I said I had no confidence last week, I meant it. I went 6-10, but I went 3-2 in the suggestions (1 loss being the Jets). This week I'm feeling better if not for the reason that all home teams other than the Boys are favored. So it's a doggin week.

5. St. Louis Rams (+9 1/2) at Seattle Seahawks
Ok Ok I know this seems stupid. I mean the Rams got throttled both weeks this season, but listen to me for a sec. The Rams lost to the Eagles and defending Superbowl champs. Both teams are A) Good and B) Have dynamic offenses. The Seahawks just lost to the F'n 49ers at home. This game will be close.

4. New York Giants (-13 1/2) vs. Cincinnati Bengals
This spread looks huge I know. But the Bengals are terrible on both lines. They can't protect Palmer which has made his stats go through the shitter. And their defense is as bad as ever. All you need is a two td win at home from the Superbowl champs and you'll get it.

3. Tennessee Titans (-4 1/2) vs. Houston Texans
The Titans have arguably the best defense in the NFL and they are a better team with the Drunk at QB. They will win this game at home and win it by at least a touchdown.

2. New England Patriots (-12 1/2) vs. Miami Dolphins
Matt Cassel showed himself to be a serviceable quarterback in the past two weeks. He will only gain in confidence and will a week against the putrid Dolphins will be able to help that out. The Dolphins will score 7 or less and the Pats will easily put up 20+.

1. Cleveland Browns (+1 1/2) at Baltimore Ravens
I'm down on the Browns this year, but I'm not this down. The Ravens won week 1 on smoke and mirrors and would have been exposed last week had they played the Texans. Because they didn't you as a better get to enjoy this line in which they are favored for some dumb reason. The Browns lost to two top 5 teams in the NFL. The Ravens suck. Take the Browns this one's easy.

Survivor League Pick: SCREW Seattle

Balls once again I be out of the Survivor League because teams can't beat shitty teams at home. Screw you Seattle.

Non-Spread Picks

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