NFL Week 4 Pick Suggestions

Friday, September 26, 2008

I don't want to talk about it. Let's just say I'll do better this week (can't do much worse).

5. Tennessee Titans (-3 1/2) vs. Minnesota Vikings
The Vikings picked up W #1 last weekend but they weren't facing the Titans defense who will make Gus return to his Frerotten days.

4. Philadelphia Eagles (-3 1/2) at Chicago Bears
The Eagles are arguably the second best team in the NFL right now. They pummeled Big Ben into a submission and they will do the same to Kyle Orton this weekend. All while putting up points on the overrated Bears defense.

3. Jaguars (-7 1/2) vs. Houston Texans
Whoops... messed that up. We'll go with the Texans to lose again.

2. Washington Redskins (+11 1/2) vs. Dallas Cowboys
I know the Cowboys are probably the best team in the league right now, but 11 1/2 points in conference against a team that's played well the past two weeks? I'll be stupid and say the Redskins are going to keep it close.

1. San Diego Chargers (-7 1/2) at Oakland Raiders
The Raiders have been surprisingly non-awful the past few weeks despite all the Kiffin rumors. I think it's about time they return to awful. Plus the Chargers are still a little desperate as 1-3 will probably put them 3 games back of the Broncos.

Survivor League Pick: SCREW Seattle

I'm out but if you're still in and you pick Jacksonville this week, you will still be in next week.

Non-Spread Picks

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