The Case For Santana for 2008 NL Cy Young

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The good ole media has pretty much crowned Brandon Webb as the 2008 NL Cy Young award winner with a sliver of love being thrown the way of Tim Lincecum, but where's the love for Johan Santana? Isn't it 2008? Isn't it time to start devaluing wins? Let's compare the stats of the three candidates and see where Webb stands out.

Wins: Webb 22, Lincecum 17, Johan 15

Innings Pitched: Johan 225 1/3, Lincecum 220, Webb 219 2/3

ERA: Johan 2.64, Lincecum 2.66, Webb 3.24

WHIP: Johan 1.17, Lincecum 1.18, Webb 1.2

Quality Starts: Johan 27, Lincecum 25, Webb 24

K/9: Lincecum 10.31, Johan 7.87, Webb 7.21

K/BB: Johan 3.28, Lincecum 3.07, Webb 2.79

Average Game Score: Lincecum 61.6, Johan 59.3, Webb 56.2

Those are just a sampling of some of the more popular statistics used in evaluating pitching in the year 2008. Webb has the advantage over Santana (or Lincecum for that matter) in one thing wins. The one thing the pitcher only has a 50% control over. Santana definitively has been a better pitcher than Webb this season and has marginally been a better pitcher than Lincecum, but just like when he lost the Cy Young to fat ass Colon he will get screwed over from the Cy Young Award by his teammates and their inability to score runs or protect leads. Sucks for him.

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Santana just threw a complete game shutout on 3 days rest in a must win vs the Marlins. If he had a decent bullpen he would easily have 20-plus wins. He has meant more to the Mets than any other pitcher in the N.L. has meant to their team. Sanatana lowered his e.r.a. to 2.53 which is the lowest in all of baseball.

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