The Pros: USC vs. Ohio St.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Pros pits two college football rivals against one another and sees which has produced a more eligible pro team.

The Offense


USC currently has 4 quarterbacks in the league. Two of whom won Heisman's in Leinart and Palmer and two of whom have yet to start an NFL game in Cassel and Booty. Meanwhile the Buckeyes have only one quarterback in the league now that Krenzel is gone, and that is Troy Smith. The undersized mobile QB who's yet to make a dent in the NFL.

Edge: USC

Running Backs

USC of course has the double headed monster from the Colliseum in Bush and White still roaming the NFL as starters. In addition they have Justin Fargas whose playing the role of starter for the Raiders and Chauncey Washington in Jacksonville. The Buckeyes lone running back rep is Antonio Pittman whom like Troy Smith has yet to make an impact in the NFL.

Edge: USC


The Trojans currently have 5 wideouts suiting up in the NFL, none of whom have made a significant impact. If you had to chose a starting 3 for the Trojans it would probably be Steve Smith (not of the Panthers but of the Giants), Keary Colbert and perhaps Dwayne Jarrett. Not that impressive. Meanwhile the Buckeyes have the emerging Santonio Holmes, Joey Galloway and Anthony Gonzalez amongst their 7 total wideouts in the NFL.

Edge: tOSU

Tight Ends

Ben Hartsock vs. Rookie Fred Davis and Billy Miller. Pretty nondescript. Edge to USC for the rookie with potential.

Edge: USC

Offensive Line

Overall the Buckeyes have a handful more lineman but let's just take a look at whom would be the starters for each team.

Center: Ryan Kalil vs. Nick Mangold
Guards: Deuce Lutui & Chilo Rachal vs. Adrien Clarke & Rob Sims
Tackles: Winston Justice & Sam Baker vs. Orlando Pace & Kirk Barton

A lot of youngsters for both sides other than Orlando Pace who will be a hall of lineman. Neither team has two guards in the NFL that are currently starting.

Edge: tOSU

The Defense


Tackles: Mike Patterson & Sedrick Ellis vs. Ryan Pickett & Tim Anderson
Ends: Kenechi Udeze & Frostee Rucker vs. Will Smith & Jay Richardson

Will Smith is probably the best player amongst this batch but Udezi isn't far behind and the Trojans have much more depth than does tOSU.

Edge: USC


Lofa Tatupu, Keith Rivers, Willie McGinest vs. AJ Hawk, Mike Vrabel, Na'il Diggs

The Trojans agter their top three only have Thomas Williams (who?) to turn while the Buckeyes have Bobby Carpenter, Vernon Gholsten (overrated) and Matt Wilhelm as other options. For me its too close to call.

Edge: Push


Corners: Brian Kelly & Terrell Thomas vs. Antoine Winfield & Nate Clements
Safeties: Sammy Knight & Troy Polamalu vs. Donte Whitner & Will Allen

The Buckeyes are very deep at corner with Youboty, Shawn Springs & Chris Gamble as other options so feel free to disagree with my top two choices. Other way, despite the dominant Polamalu the Buckeyes have a much deeper secondary.

Edge: tOSU

The Special Teams

Return Men

Reggie Bush vs. Ted Ginn. Both have been highly disappointing at their actually poosition in the NFL, but both still pack some punch on special teams. As solid as Reggie Bush was as a punt returner in college he's not as fast nor as dangerous as Ginn on returns. Ginn adds the kickoff of return dimension which Bush currently lacks as well.

Edge: tOSU


Neither team has a punter in the NFL, which is surprising to me given it seems like every tOSU punter kicks the ball 70 yards against Michigan, and only Ohio St. has kicker Mike Nugent of the Jets who got injured and limped around last weekend.

Edge: tOSU

Who Would Win?

Overall the Buckeyes have 9 more alumni in the NFL than do the Trojans (46-37). Their roster would have much more depth. The Trojans obviously have a much more skilled passer, but he would have no receivers to throw the ball to especially with the corners that the Buckeyes would throw out there. Both teams have dominant linebackers who could stuff the run. It's difficult to say who would be victorious but I'd give the edge to the Buckeyes mostly due to depth at offensive line and wideout

All Rosters Pulled from ESPN

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Interesting debate. The game would likely turn on a mistake or a special teams. OSU might be able to eat up clock and yardage with short passes while waiting for a wideout to shake loose. USC would struggle to move the ball unless they could consistently match-up Bush with Vrabel in the passing game. I suspect that neither offense could sustain much momentum.

Tracer Bullet said...
9:13 AM  

A: Neither. I'd go with the 'Canes alumni team.

Anonymous said...
4:18 PM  

And give me the 'Noles

Anonymous said...
12:36 AM  

Shouldn't SC get deducted because of that scrub Matt Leinart?

And did you say dangerous duo White and Bush? That's a double dud right there. Yes, RB had a decent game last week but he's not an every down running back so might as well stick him at flanker cause that's all he's good at.

rhymeister said...
6:44 AM  

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