AL Playoff Run Breakdown

Friday, September 26, 2008

Maybe I should be excited about the AL Central but I'm really not. The Twins are in first and they have the same record as the Yankees, so they just aren't that good a team. They have 3 games against KC this weekend which screams boredom, win all three and they are as good as in. Meanwhile the White Sox still control their destiny, sweep the Indians and beat the decrepit Tigers and they get a play in game. Lose one and they might be screwed.

Fri Sep 26 KC 8:10 PM Liriano (6-3) Davies (8-7)
Sat Sep 27 KC 3:55 PM Perkins (12-4) Meche (13-11)
Sun Sep 28 KC 2:10 PM Baker (10-4) Duckworth (3-2)

White Sox
Fri Sep 26 Cle 8:11 PM Danks (11-8) Lewis (3-0)
Sat Sep 27 Cle 7:05 PM Vazquez (12-15) Jackson (1-3)
Sun Sep 28 Cle 2:05 PM Buehrle (14-12) Lee (22-3)
Mon Sep 29 Det TBA Floyd (16-8) Garcia (1-1)

Who's In / Who's Out
I'm not doing too much analysis for this cause it's just not exciting, combined these teams are 8-12 in their last 20. KC gave the Twins an extra edge by declaring Greinke out for Sunday, I think the Twins win all three and get in when the White Sox slip up on Sunday as Cliff Lee cinches his Cy Young.

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