NCAA Week 1 Power Rankings

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Arkansas St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

1. Alabama -How could I possibly have doubted that Clemson was going to give the full out choke this weekend. Man that was stupid. Quality Wins: @Clemson

2. East Carolina - Perhaps Tech made a little misjudgement when they decided to redshirt Tyrod and give the full duty to Glennon, cause he sucked on saturday and now their national title hopes end before the start of September. Quality Wins: VT

3. UCLA - Only Phil Fulmer's squad could lose a game where they intercept 4 passes in the first half. Perhaps the Ricky point is in full effect already. Quality Wins: Tennessee

4. Utah - Fuck Balls Cock Shit Fucker. Damn it. Quality Wins: @Michigan

5. Bowling Green - A lot of the teams on this top 11 are the result of big time week 1 upsets, but arguably none was more surprising than Bowling Green knocking off Team Wanny. Quality Wins: @Pitt

6. Mizzou - Chase Daniel really gave himself a solid start to the Heisman race by throwing up 50+ points against the Zookers. Quality Wins: (n)Illinois

7. USC - Well, there certainly was no stumbling block for USC in Charlottesville. Quality Wins: @UVA

8. Fresno St. - Perhaps without Ray Rice Rutgers is going to regress back to their old shitty ways but Fresno St. went into the dirty jersey and gave them a good butt whoppen. Quality Wins: @Rutgers

9. Arkansas St. - I know absolute nothing about Arkansas St., I didn't even know they were a D1 school, but they did go into College Station and knock off A&M which is either pretty impressive or incredibly pathetic for the Aggies. Quality Wins: @Texas A&M

10. Cal - The Bears pulled off a close victory against the Spartans who may end up being a surprising success in the Big 10. Quality Wins: Michigan St.

11. Nebraska -Directional Michigan went into the season as the favorite for the MAC title, so we'll give the black shirts a little credit for coming away with a solid victory. Quality Wins: Western Michigan

Dropped Out: Uh Nobody It's the First Poll

Noticeable Absences: The Majority of the AP top 11.

(n) = neutral field

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