2008 AFC West Preview

Thursday, September 04, 2008

1. San Diego Chargers

Predicted Record: 11-5
Playoff Seed: 4

Key Player: Shawn Merriman, When you're arguably the best defensive player in the NFL and every game you are one wrong hit away from being done for the season you are a huge factor. If Merriman goes down so does their pass rush and so does their 2008 hopes.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Antonio Gates, He's still getting drafted like he's the top TE in the NFL and yet his health has been highly questionable this point. I think they're might be a bit of a fall off from what you would expect his numbers to be at seasons end.

Why the Record: They still have LDT and with Merriman giving it a go they still have a formidable defense. It's just they won't have enough gas to get over that hump once again.

2. Denver Broncos

Predicted Record: 10-6

Key Player: Selvin Young, That running back by committee thing that worked so brilliantly for the Broncos for so long just hasn't been quite the same the past few years. Currently it's Selvin Young's job and if the Broncos are to be successful he needs to have a big year.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Jay Cutler, Last year he was hampered by playing with Diabetes without even knowing. This year on insulin Cutler will be straight bangin.

Why the Record: The Broncos had a poor by their standards season in 07 but should bounce back to wear they usually are at this year. And that is at the fringe of making the postseason and in the low double digits.

3. Kansas City Chiefs

Predicted Record: 5-11

Key Player: Offensive Line, It hasn't been that long since the Chiefs had the most dominant rushing attack on the planet. And then Shields and Roaf retired and their big advantage was sunk. If they are to return to Larry Johnson's beastly years past they need vast improvement on the O-Line.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Dwayne Bowe, Bowe came out of nowhere and had a very solid rookie campaign. The question is now that he's made a name for himself will he start drawing more attention and go into a sophomore funk?

Why the Record: Brodie Croyle...

4. Oakland Raiders

Predicted Record: 2-14

Key Player: Lane Kiffin, The ownership tried to force you to resign and you refused, now you still have the reins of a sinking ship. Any chance you can pull it out from under?

Fantasy Player to Eye: Justin Fargas, Sure McFadden is going to be the more dynamic running back and will take away a lot of the load Fargas was given last season. But the question is which player will wind up with the ball on the goal line? My bet is it will be Fargas who will be lest risky for the organization to abuse on goal line stands.

Why the Record: They're the Raiders. JaMarcus isn't going to be any good and McFadden isn't going to be enough for them to start throwing up a ton of points. They'll probably be better than 2-14 but whatever.

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