Personal Seat Licenses: Giants vs. Jets

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Jets and Giants are opening 'jetBlue' Stadium in August of 2010. Both teams are selling off Personal Seat Licenses to the fans which essentially is a big 'Go F Yourself' to any season ticket holder (or its an asset that might have even more value in the future if you care to look at it in a positive light). Each team has devised its own system to determine the price of the PSLs so let's take a look and see who are the winners and losers.

First of all let's just say unless you're loaded you aren't getting premium or club seating anytime soon. The premium seating on the field level around the 50, have at minimum a 20K PSL. So unless you got the cash to drop over 100K in one year for 8 days of enjoyment, I'm guessing you'll pass up on this offer. So let's just do an analysis of which side is better for fans/corporations.

Corporations Better 'Bargain': (Giants by a lot)
It's pretty simple to analyze which team has a better deal for the the extremely rich/corporations, it's the Giants. The Jets are auctioning off their most premium seats on the home side while the Giants are offering a flat 20K PSL. Meanwhile on the road side the Giants stick with a flat 20K PSL while the Jets go with 25K. In addition the PSLs in all of the box suites in the mezzanine are more expensive for the Jets as well. In actuality the Jets have a higher ticket price or PSL in every section not in the upper deck. And throw on the fact that the Giants are a better team now and are the more historic franchise and it's pretty simple that

The Average Fan: (Jets by a little)
I sit in the upper-deck, I'm not ashamed of saying so I sit in the upper-deck for basically everything. I go to Yankee Stadium or Shea or a basketball game, I'm in the upper-deck. I'm cheap what can I say. I don't really want to drop 75% more to be lower. With that being said people of my mindset end up slightly better with the Jets. They upper-deck for the Jets has no PSL so there is no up front fee, the problem is the Jets Upper-Deck tickets are priced higher and thus the Jets will make up the lost PSL money over a 10 year period.

The Giants however have better packages in the lower portion of the field for fans. The Jets have a lot more distribution in their PSL rates and typical the Giants end up with a section or two which is of lower price than the Jets. The difference isn't remarkable, but still there.

Overall for the common poor fan willing to sit in the upper-deck the Jets strategy is better, if you aren't going to be 100 yards up in the air in December than the Giants packages are slightly better.

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