NFL Week 1 Spread Picks

Thursday, September 04, 2008

Week 1 is apparently favorites week as I love a bunch of favorites and overall like the favorites a ton more than the Dogs.

5. Detroit Lions -2.5 at Atlanta Falcons

Rookie QB in his first career game pretty much equals loss. The Lions could and should get off to a head start on what might compete as the worst division in football.

4. Denver Broncos -1.5 at Oakland Raiders

The Broncos won't be down for more than a season and will return to playoff contention this year. This means easily dispatching the Raiders week 1.

3. New Orleans Saints -3.5 vs. Tampa Bay Bucs

I picked the Saints to go 14-2 (Man I'm stupid), so if they can't beat the Bucs by 3.5 at home the first week of the season than I'm gonna be dead wrong.

2. New York Jets -2.5 at Miami Dolphins

This is with my heart as much as with my head. The Jets need to win this week if they want to make the playoffs, else they may fall into an 0-3 hole and be done with. 2.5 points is nothing and the Jets should win comfortably by a touchdown.

1. New England Patriots -16.5 vs. Kansas City Chiefs

Ha Ha Ha Tom Brady is injured. That's as believable as Belichick not trying to cheat to win. The Chiefs suck, the Pats will want to get off to a strong start and at home they will absolutely mall Herm and his crew.

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