Week 4 College Football Picture Caption

Monday, September 22, 2008

Good/Fit Coach vs. Bad/Fat Coach
Equals Large Victory for Fit Coach

Joe Pa's BodyGuard Patrol
Cause This Year There Will Be No Blown Out Knees

Hungry Hungry Biceps
A Little Seminole Blood Fills Up the Tank

Arizona Apparently Is Not NASCAR Country
It's Losing Football Games Country

Sam Houston St. Employs the 12 Man Defense
He Takes Visa or American Express

110,000 Fans of a Loser
Summed Up By One Hands on Head Pose

That's One Large Exuberant Buckeye Fan
Someone Might Be a Bit Too Old For Stuffed Animals

Those Tricky Ivy Leaguers
Always Know How to Expose the Unbuttoned Chin Strap

Hugging And Throwing Just Don't Mix
It Ends Up in Tard Passes

Butch Davis' New Under the Radar Middle Finger
Or Just a One Fingered Time Out

Check To See If Your Neck is Intact

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