2008 NFC North Preview

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Detroit Lions

Predicted Record: 8-8
Playoff Seed: 4

Key Player: Kevin Smith, Without Mike Martz as the offensive coordinator the Lions might actually try to run the ball a little bit, and rookie Kevin Smith is probably the man for the job. If he can gain some yards on the ground consistently than the Lions could win the division.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Calvin Johnson, The man will be beast this year. He will not be the bust draft pick that some of his predecessors were and he will eclipse Roy Williams as the #1 target on the team this year due to his ridiculous size and speed combo.

Why the Record: Well 8-8 isn't very good and winning the division at 8-8 is pretty pathetic, I just don't think this division is going to be good at all this year. I think the Lions will win their home games and be able to put up some points and somehow sneak away with the crown. But then get pummeled the first round of the playoffs.

Chicago Bears

Predicted Record: 6-10

Key Player: Kyle Orton, Who knows if he will be starting for more than a week but the Bears key has been and will continue to be quarterback play. They haven't gotten any and I doubt they will from the neck beard this year. And without it they won't make the postseason.

Fantasy Player to Eye: The Running Back Position, They have some guy named Forte as their expected starter. Please raise your hand if you have any idea who he is. I certainly have my hand down. They'll have to hand the ball off to whomever is the running back so figuring out who the #1 guy truly is and getting him as a 3rd string rb would be a nice add.

Why the Record: Kyle Orton is not a good quarterback. He wasn't a good quarterback his rookie year when they lucked into a ton of wins. He's not a good quarterback now. And to top it off they don't have an established go to running back. Offense is going to be very poor for the Bears this year.

Green Bay Packers

Predicted Record: 6-10

Key Player: Ryan Grant, He busted onto the scene last year and was a beast. And in order for the Packers to alleviate some of the ridiculous pressure that his lumped onto Rodgers shoulders he needs to carry the load and put up some big games.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Greg Jennings, Jennings emerged as Favre's go to receiver last year and was amongst the elite fantasy wideouts in 2007. Now with Rodgers taking the helm one could question his status and his draft ranking might slip. If he winds up with the same production he could be a steal, if he dips he could sink your squad.

Why the Record: I'm a believer in the overwhelming distraction that was Brett Favre lingering into the season. I'm a believer that Aaron Rodgers was never that good and that he will struggle under the pressure. And I'm a believer that the Packers will struggle mightily against the AFC South.

Minnesota Vikings

Predicted Record: 6-10

Key Player: Quarterback Position, I have no idea if Jackson is going to be the starter the entire year or if Gus 95 year old head buttin Ferrotte will take the helm but whoever is throwing passes needs to make a few completions or the opposition is gonna throw 11 in the box on each play.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Chester Taylor, The Vikings can't pass the ball. Last year despite the fact that AP was a complete monster Taylor still got a solid number of carries and put up quality numbers. Even as the #2 back on the team he could put up #1 running back numbers.

Why the Record: The theme of this division is 'Crappy Quarterback' and the Vikings are the division leader in the category. There's only so much the best running back in the NFC can do. Just look at how bad the Chargers were for years despite the greatness of LDT.

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