The Starters That Sink Your Fantasy Team in September

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Every year the fantasy playoffs or the stretch drive of your fantasy team is effected by starting pitchers who just don't start. There are several reasons for their foregoing of starts and seemingly I have one of each of these types of guys on my team. So ya I'm bitter because I'm watching my first place dominant team teeter on the edge of missing out on the grand prize.

The Shut Him Down Starter (Justin Duchscherer): He's got a mild injury and he really could make his way back and take a few starts at the close of the season but his team is out of contention and well why bother. He's had a great year he's been a fantasy surprise and stud for his team, and it's about getting him optimally healthy for next season so no more starts for you.

The Rest For the Postseason Starter (John Lackey): You're on the best team in all of baseball and you've been struggling as of late. So now that your team has clinched your division its time to rest up and get fired up for the postseason. It's not that he really needs to take a start off, its just you really want to 'recharge his batteries', and since winning is really meaningless right now, why not.

The Dead-Armed Youngster (Jeremy Guthrie): He's the youngster that's been the workhorse for a poor team. He's been surprisingly good but has struggled as of late, probably because he's pitched a ton of innings. So it's time to give him a couple of starts off so that he can rest up and build up arm strength and finish strong and build confidence for 09.

The Can't Handle the Pressure Starter (Dan Haren): I'm actually starting but you might almost prefer that I'm not. I'm having the 2nd half swoon again and I can't get it done in the month of September. I probably need rest but because my team is in the pennant race and desperately needs me they keep on throwing me out there. And I reward them with outing where I throw 99 pitches through 4 innings and can't even make it to the 5th inning.

There are definitely more scenarios were starters kick their owners in the cajones down the stretch run. But these are 4 of my 7 starters, I'm sinking in the quicksand and screaming for help right now.

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