Everyone Has Confidence in the Jets?

Friday, September 05, 2008

It's week one and you're making your survivor league pick. You win you move on you lose you're out. You get to choose from any team in the NFL, so what to do. Do you pick the Patriots, who definitely are going to win so that you can assure that you move on to week 2, but then you can't use them anymore. Or do you pick a team with a bit more risk to save the juggernauts for later. Well the above picture shows the distribution of picks on Yahoo's survivor leagues and not surprisingly the Patriots are first but, at least to me, it's surprising how much confidence the nation has in the Jets. Enough confidence to make them the 4th most confident pick.

Perhaps its my limitless pessimism, but until I see the Jets win a few games this season I'd stay far away from utilizing them in a survivor league. Favre should be a considerable improvement and on paper the Jets should make a push at the playoffs, but until you have any form of proof they are still a 4-12 team playing on the road against a division rival. A division rival whom also has a new quarterback, a new coaching staff, a healthy running back squad, etc, aka a ton of unknowns.

For my sake I hope the nation is right, but I think they're pretty stupid for taking the Jets week 1. I'm taking the Pats.

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