Yovani to the Brewers Rescue?

Thursday, September 25, 2008

May 2nd Yovani Gallardo leaped over a sliding Reed Johnson on a play at first. And with all leaps, Yovani landed, his landing just so happened to leave one key body part not intact. On that fateful leap the sophomore pitcher with all the promise in the world tore his ACL apart and seemingly ended his 2008 season before it even got underway.

Well tonight after 4 months and 3 weeks of rehab, Yovani has fought his way back into the Brewers rotation and will make the start this evening. I've heard of athletes recovering quickly from ACL surgery, but just over 4 months? That is some solid dedication some diligent rehabbing and the benefit of being a 22 year old.

With 4 games left to go its tough for me to not pull for the Brewers with what some of their pitchers are fighting through (not Sheets of course). Between Gallardo coming back from an ACL rupture and Sabathia pitching on short rest potentially three straight starts, it seems like every Brewer pitcher is doing whatever it takes to get them to the playoffs (except Sheets) and that's a refreshing thing to see.

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