Week 1 College Football Picture Caption

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Use Power Orange!!!!
It Cleans up That Nasty Jock Fungus

The Seasons First Paralyzer
Oh No, I can't Look

I Push and I Push and It Won't Come Out.. Until Now
I guess that's Why I wear Depends

How Many Fingers Am I Holding Up?
Uh 17 Mr. Doctor Man

It Spells ABC
Mama So Proud of Me

The One Bright Spot of Michigan's Saturday
Too Bad They Could Play Me at RB and Beat the Wolverines

I Bet Mangino is Imaging a Grill Right Now
Can You Eat Human?

Bald Man Brings Luck to Nutts
It's The Only Way Houston Gets Hard

The End Zone is That Way
Coach We're gonna Lose by 2

Hollas at Your Boys
Take That Beamer Ball

Hey Guys I was just kidding with those TD Passes
Where the Hell is a Blocker

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