The Big 5 College Games of the Weekend

Thursday, September 25, 2008

It's not quite the week for the SEC as last, but still the SEC is almost the only relevant conference right now in college football and until everyone has a loss they will continue to have the biggest game of the weekend.

5. Wisconsin Badgers at Michigan Wolverines
Hey I know you don't care about this game and neither does anybody outside of the northern midewest, but for some reason I think Michigan is going to pull off the upset here. 2 weeks to prepare, they can't possibly play worse than they did in South Bend, Wisconsin is invetiably going to choke. This is probably the heart overwriting the brain, but McGuffie is gonna get it done. The Pick: Wolverines by 1

4. Texas Christian Horned Frogs at Oklahoma Sooners
Hey look the Sooners actually want to play a team with talent this week. Well that's fun. I'd imagine the spikey frogs won't be a problem for the Sooners at home though. The Pick: Sooners by 13

3. Virginia Tech Hokies at Nebraska Corn Huskers
Imagine if this matchup occured during the Mike Vick years, before Bill Callahan threw Nebraska's program down the shitter? Everybody would love it. Now? Neither team is ranked even though they have a 6-1 combined record. It will be interesting to see if Bo Pelini can win his first big matchup for the huskers or if Tyrod will continue to win football games for the Hokies. The Pick: Hokies by 2

2. Illinois Illini at Penn State Nittany Lions
Everyone seemingly is gushing over what Penn State has shown over the first 4 weeks of the season to which I question with "Um, who have they beaten?" Look they won every game by a ton but they played the Chanticleers in Happy Valley. That's fair. I think Senile's boys are going to run into a Juice buzzsaw this weekend. The Pick: Illinois by 4.

1. Alabama Crimson Tide at Georgia Bulldogs
I can't say I'm ready to bored the Bama bus yet even though they have been impressive when they face BCS challengers. UGA just seems like they have the talent to wipe away any Bama threat, especially at home. The Pick: UGA by 9.

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