Donnie Jones Might Just Set Some Records This Year

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

This is Donnie Jones you probably have never heard of him. Let me give you some clues. He played for LSU's title winning squad in 2003? He was drafted by the Seahawks in 04 but only played 7 games for them. He then played 2 years for the Dolphins and now is in his second season on the St. Louis Rams. He is currently leading the NFL 3 different stats. Give Up?

He is the St. Louis Rams punter of course. He's leading the league in punts, total punt yards, and punt average. He's already punted 819 yards worth. That's almost a 1/2 a mile. Donnie is well ahead of the tragic punt pace set by Andy Lee of the 49ers last year when he punted 105 times for 4968 yards. Donnie is on pace for 6552. That's over 3.5 miles. The record number for punts in a season is held by Chad Stanley in 2002 for the Texans in their first year of existance. Jones is on pace for 128 this year.

Keep it up Donnie, someone needs to get a record this year for the putrid Rams.

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Bob Parsons of the Chicago Bears also had 114 punts in year.

The way the Rams are going, I think you're right...he will break the record for most punts and punt yardage in a single season.

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