I'm Pulling For Beanie to Play

Thursday, September 11, 2008

This is Beanie Wells celebrating a 'Rose' Bowl trip after demolishing the Michigan Wolverines. If Beanie Wells is injured and doesn't play against the Wolverines I will be absolutely thrilled. But this weekend I really want him on the field and it's not because I picked him for the Heisman or the fact that I picked the Buckeyes to win the National Title. I would love to be wrong on the latter, and don't necessarily care about the former. I just want a competitive game this weekend and one with no Buckeye excuses.

The Buckeyes are already getting 10.5 points from Vegas for Saturday night's showdown against USC. And this was before Beanie Wells was dropped to doubtful this afternoon. Sure there's still a chance that without Beanie the Buckeyes will be able to hang with the Trojans, but in all likelihood they will lose and lose by a decent margin. I'd much prefer the Buckeyes losing with all their chips and to be summarily proven to be an inferior team to USC. I want no controversy and no excuses and it looks like that won't be the case.

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