5 Pitching Stat Leaders You Certainly Did Not Know

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

#3 RBI Against: Andy Pettitte
If you're a Yankee fan then you know that this has not been the prototypical year for Andy Pettitte. He's struggled often to get the big out in the big spot and has given up runs in seemingly every game. But I don't think any Yankee fan would have thought that Pettitte gave up the third most RBIs in the league. That's miserable.

#5 WHIP: Ricky Nolasco
Talk about floating under the radar. Did you know that Nolasco has 15 wins with a 3.55 ERA? Probably not. And if you didn't know that then you certainly would not know that Nolasco is fifth in major league baseball in WHIP which is better than that of Johan Santana, Brandon Webb, Tim Lincecum and CC Sabathia.

#10 WHIP: Dave Bush
For some reason Ned Yost decided it was a good idea to platoon Dave Bush in the starting rotation. This is the same Yost that skipped many of Bush's start in 06 when he was arguably the best pitcher on the staff.

#1 Stolen Bases Against: Gavin Floyd
Floyd is having a great season in helping the White Sox pursue the AL Central Crown but it's pretty obvious then when he gives up base runners, he pays no attention to them. Players have stolen 34 bases against Floyd, 6 more than any other pitcher in baseball.

#1 Balls in Play Average: Carlos Marmol
While he's not walking or striking people out from the bullpen, Marmol is forcing weakly hit balls as no one is even remotely close to his league lowest balls in play average.

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