Purdue Was Right, Bernard Pollard is a Hero

Monday, September 08, 2008

Bernard Pollard most certainly seized the fear of the Patriot Fan and sucked away the energy of their Super Bowl hopes. Thank You Bernard you are a true American Hero.

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"It would take Megatron to keep Brady away from football...."
- Mike Freeman, CBS Sports

My question is who unfroze him and where is Optmus Prime?

Wes said...
12:33 PM  

simon, I owe your mother some money for a bj, should I send it to you or your hero?

Anonymous said...
5:31 PM  

oh yeah, she also "blew" out her knee...

Anonymous said...
5:41 PM  

Haha that was a good one... Mom jokes are the best.

Um, I would actually send it to my mom. I think KSK is already giving him 60 bucks so I think he can suffice off that.

Simon said...
9:24 PM  

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