2008 AFC East Preview

Thursday, September 04, 2008

New England Patriots

Predicted Record: 15-1
Playoff Seed: 1

Key Player: Tom Brady, If Brady gets injured or killed the Patriots won't make the playoffs. If he stays healthy than they will win the AFC. Can we bring back Mo Lewis the hit man and have him pull a Drew Bledsoe?

Fantasy Player to Eye: LaMont Jordan, I know he's been a complete lame fantasy player the last two seasons in Oakland, but people seem to get revived in New England when they actually win games. Maroney is obviously going to get the majority of the carries but there is potential that Jordan could eventually be a solid contributor.

Why the Record: If Tom Brady is healthy, which he seems like he is, the Patriots will win a lot of games. I can't pick them to go undefeated, and they might be slightly worse than last years team, but they still are the best team in the NFL>

New York Jets

Predicted Record: 10-6
Playoff Seed: 6

Key Player: Kris Jenkins, The Jets have been unable to stop the run since the day Mangini took over their roster. Part of the problem was the fact that they never had a massive space eating defensive tackle. This offseason the Jets traded for Jenkins hoping he will fill the role. If he doesn't it will be another year where their defense mightily struggles.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Dustin Keller, The rookie Keller is more wideout than receiver which seemingly has worked out for the Dallas Clarks and Chris Cooleys of the world. He's going undrafted in many leagues currently but could potentially emerge as a solid target for the Jets.

Why the Record: I think 10-6 is an optimistic but realistic number. They have a lot of winnable games on their schedule and if they can win this weekend and avoid going 0-3 (NE week 2, @SD week 3) then they could potentially make a run towards the postseason.

Buffalo Bills

Predicted Record: 9-7

Key Player: Lee Evans, The man shows flashes of greatness and then disappears into the futility in other games. Last year he reduced his yardage from 1200+ to 800+. If he doesn't return to his 06 numbers the Bills offense will once again struggle.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Marshawn Lynch, If the offense can become more consistent with Edwards at QB the entire season, than Lynch could potentially see more time in the end zone.

Why the Record: The Bills could easily finish anywhere from 2nd to last in the AFC East. I personally believe that Evans will return to his old form and that Lynch will stay on course and they will win a lot of home games.

Miami Dolphins

Predicted Record: 6-10

Key Player: Chad Pennington, The Dolphins should have a strong rushing attack if both Brown and Williams stay healthy. Now its Pennington's job to make accurate throws and attempt to push the ball deep so that teams don't load up against the run. If he can do that the Dolphins could easily surprise a lot of teams.

Fantasy Player to Eye: Ricky Williams, The man just got a contract extension somehow so the Dolphins must believe in him. If Ronnie Brown again gets hurt, a strong possibility, and Ricky garners all of the carries he could easily rush for 1200 yards again.

Why the Record: I actually think the Dolphins have a decent chance of winning more than 6 games this year. I think their rushing attack will be sound, Pennington will make smart decisions and they will be one of the surprising teams in the NFL this year.

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