NCAA Week 3 Power Rankings

Monday, September 15, 2008

Remember this is all about Quality Wins and Bad Losses so if you lose to a top ranked team its not going to kill you, if you lose to Arkansas St. in the opener it will haunt you the entire season.

Talk about a weekend full of blowouts. 59-0? 35-3? All of those Pac 10 losses? 3-2? And of course the cripple fight pathetic showing. It was an interesting week of college football for sure.

1. USC -The Trojans won so badly I think they should get credit for approximately 3 victories. Even though you somewhat discredit them for beating the Beanie-less Buckeyes, there's little doubt that right now they should be regarded as the best team in the country. The UVA win however is no longer quality, considering they just lost by 35 to friggin UConn.Quality Wins: Ohio State

2. East Carolina - The Pirates relinquish the top spot, because well USC trounced the back to back National runner-up. The Pirates struggled this weekend but held on for the victory Quality Wins: VT, WVU

3. Alabama - Bama holding strong at #3 now that Clemson has their ass winning football games. Quality Wins: @Clemson

4. South Florida - The Bulls of South Florida snuck out two big time victories in back to back weeks. Perhaps their victory this weekend will get Mangino on a diet... Probably not. Quality Wins: Kansas

5. Mizzou - So Missouri likes to score a lot of points again this year. I certainly am looking forward to their big in conference matchups. Quality Wins: (n)Illinois

6. BYU - So apparently the Mormons think that USC still is the football monopoly of LA. 59-0? Jebus christos. Quality Wins: UCLA

7. Wisconsin - Good for the Badgers actually playing a tough opponent on the road for once and winning a solid out of conference game. Fresno St. is a solid team and the Badgers did well to hold them off. Quality Wins: @Fresno St.

8. UGA - Held on for a 14-7 victory over the Smelley Cocks. I think the Gamecocks are a pretty good football team, so despite the fact they have two losses we shall include UGA in the top 11. Quality Wins: @South Carolina

9. Vandy - Same with Vandy. Quality Wins: South Carolina

10. Arkansas St. - Idle Arkansas St. is holding on to the spot on the notion that A&M might be a good football team.Quality Wins: @Texas A&M

11. Utah - How many more weeks before I concede that beating Michigan this year isn't quality? 1? Quality Wins: @Michigan

Dropped Out: UCLA, Cal, Fresno St., GaTech

Noticeable Absences: The Majority of the AP top 11.

(n) = neutral field

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