Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As a Jet fan, you listen to the GM and coach chirp all offseason about the additions they made. How they got Calvin Pace and he's perfect for the system. How Gholsten is going to a superior pass rusher this year and how he's a physical specimen. How the line is going to be solid with the additions of Faneca and Woody and their run game is going to amongst the best in the league. How the Jenkins is finally the 3-4 nose guard that the scheme has needed. And of course how Brett Favre opens up the offense and now the squad has no limitations. And so Jet fans listen they get their hopes up, they think maybe they'll be a playoff team this year. Obviously because we're Jet fans and are typically massively pessimistic we temper these expectations some, but we should make the playoffs right? The GM and coach sure think so.

And what do we get as fans? We get a nationally broadcasted embarrassment. A full blown embarrassment. The offense turned the ball over 4 times and threw in a turnover on downs for good measure. The defense forced a punt 1 F'n time the entire game. 1 Punt. Shit the Chargers only had three plays the entire game on 4th down and two of them ended up being made field goals. The only part of the Jets that was worthwhile last night was the F'n kick return. Even the god damn fans were embarrassing. JEST? Seriously you can't spell Jets? Shit.

Who Wants to Block? No One of Course

A lot shat is being slung Brett's way today and while he certainly didn't play well and he could have easily thrown two more interceptions I'm not going to lay the biggest burden on him. Rather I'd like to pick a bone with the offensive line and protection schemes. Too often the Chargers had a man running completely free at Favre. Too often did he have absolutely no time to throw the ball. And even though they allowed only three sacks the entire game, two game in the red zone and one pushed them out of field goal range. That's pretty timely.

In addition I just don't get our coaching staffs treatment of the offensive line. Last week they had confidence in the line enough to pound the rock 3 times at the goal line. This week? After several penalties on a two point conversion attempt the Jets wound up with the ball on the 1/4 yard line. So they pound the rock right? Nope, they line up in Shotgun with 5 wide. 5 F'n wide. And incomplete of course. What the hell is wrong with you people, just QB sneak the shit. You contradict the crap out of yourselves.

Who Wants to Hit the QB? Not the Jets of Course

0 sacks. That's right zip nada zero. When your secondary is obviously mismatched and your d-line can't get any pressure on the QB it's not a recipe for success. Any time the Jets actually did come with a blitz the lineman seemingly all ran into the same blocker. The one time the Jets actually got pressure on Rivers and I was thinking to myself 'oh shit we might get a sack', Rivers immediately dumped the ball off for a designed screen to Sproles which gained a first down.

A Chronicle of Turnovers

Ok so Favre's turnovers let's take a quick peak at those. First off Cromartie should have picked a pass to the house in the first quarter. It was obviously a miscommunication between Favre and TJ, as Favre was looking for TJ to stop and curl after 5 yards and TJ ran a fly. Cromartie on the other hand was paying attention and somehow snuffed the catch attempt. TJ made up for Cromartie's blunder, by fumbling on the next snap. Yay!

On the very next possession the Jets got the ball to the 50 and Favre threw an out route pass high and away. Coles somehow allowed Cromartie to reach over him with one hand and tip the ball to himself and then of course acted like the play was over only to finally realize Cromartie intercepted the ball when he was 15 yards away. INT Touchdown, YAY!

So... Two possessions later the Jets get the ball back (after giving up another touchdown of course), and the vaunted my receiver goes one way I throw the ball the other play works to perfection and some dude named Weddle picks the ball off. Perhaps the Jets should just run routes in straight lines, no change of direction ever therefore we confuse no one. Neither ourselves nor the opposing defense.

The final Favre bout with a potential INT came on 4th and 4 near the goal line when he had no time to pass the ball nor an open receiver and he just threw it up for grabs in the middle of the end zone. Whatever, its better than taking a sack. Somehow the DB for San Diego let it hit his stomach and fall to the ground, but regardless of the drop they still lost the ball.

Oh... And for good measure Clemens just wanted to make sure everyone knows he sucks by throwing and interception at the end of the game.

Other Random Pissed Off Thoughts

~Dwight Lowery is a nice nickel corner, he's too small to be covering Gates or Jackson on any routes as was shown by two of the huge plays the Chargers had. Whomever Revis does not cover against the Cardinals (Boldin or Fitz) next week is going to have a massive afternoon.

~Jenkins better not be hurt for a lengthy period or we are screwed.

~Vernon recorded a tackle for the first time. Woo 1 tackle in 3 games that's awesome production from the #6 god damn pick in the draft. You know who else has 1 tackle this season for the Jets? Alan Faneca and Jerricho Cotchery.

~I almost wish this was the bye week as I'm so annoyed with the no shows of the past two weeks that I'd almost rather not risk another potential loss next week to a team they absolutely have to beat.

Snapshot of the Moronic Jet Fans Courtesy of Tirico Suave

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