How BigSam1122 Won a Million

Monday, December 08, 2008

Oct 23 8:00 PM MLB @ Tampa Bay Rays Win (77.9%)
Victory number 1 came with James Shields vs. Brett Myers in Game #2 of the World Series. It was the Rays single series victory.

Oct 24 9:00 PM NCF Boise State Broncos Win 2 (97.8%)
Not really even sure why this was an option given that Boise St. is nationally ranked and San Jose St. was 6-6. Probably why Boise St. was a 97.8% national selection.

Oct 25 7:45 PM NCF Alabama Crimson Tide Win 3 (98.9%)
At the time the Crimson Tide was #4 in the nation and Tennessee was awful. Again a pretty obvious selection.

Oct 26 4:15 PM NFL New York Giants Win 4 (43.7%)
And the first ballsy pick, the Superbowl champs on the road against the Steelers. This game came down to the holder snapping the ball out of the back of the endzone. The streak could have easily ended at 3 but it continued.

Oct 27 8:00 PM MLB @ Philadelphia Phillies Push (67.3%)
The rain soaked game so it was ruled null and void.

Oct 28 10:30 PM NBA Andrew Bynum (LAL) Win 5 (68.7%)
In the first ever Bynum Oden showdown ESPN asked who would score more points. BigSam went with Bynum who only had 8. Oden however got injured and scored 0.

Oct 29 10:30 PM NBA New Orleans Hornets Win 6 (96.6%)
The Hornets were on the road against the Warriors. The warriors might have been winless and they stayed piss poor, losing by 5.

Oct 31 8:00 PM NBA Rajon Rondo (BOS): Points + Assists Win 7 (37.5%)
The second ballsy pick as he went against the crowd and said Rondo would have more points and assists then #1 pick Derrick Rose. The Celtics won by 20 so Rondo spent much of the 4th quarter on the bench which allowed Rose to almost pass him by, but alas Rondo finished with 20 and Rose with 19 and the streak continued.

Nov 01 12:00 PM NCF @ Michigan State Spartans Win 8 (97.6%)
Another massively close call as he went with the nation once again and chose Sparty against the Wisconsin Badgers. The Badgers lead for the entirety of the game but were eventually sunk by a Sparty last second field goal.

Nov 02 1:00 PM NFL Adrian Peterson (MIN) - Rushing Yards Win 9 (93.6%)
Adrian Peterson vs. Steve Slaton. Who was going to have more rush yards? Peterson was a safe bet.

Nov 02 4:05 PM NFL Miami Dolphins Win 10 (18.1%)
This is arguably the most shocking selection he made. The Dolphins at a time when no one really knew they were good, on the road against the division leading Broncos. The Dolphins won comfortably.

Nov 05 8:00 PM NBA LeBron James (CLE) - Points Win 11 (68.0%)
Lebron James point total vs. Derrick Rose's Points + Assists + Rebounds. Ya that's a pretty easy pick.

Nov 08 12:00 PM NCF Ohio State (@ Northwestern) Win 12 (80.3%)
The pick was whose margin of victory was going to be larger, the Gophers or the Buckeyes. Considering the Wolverines beat the Gophers this was a solid pick.

Nov 08 8:30 PM NBA Cleveland Cavaliers Win 13 (92.6%)
A straight pick'em of the Cavs vs. the Bulls. Well that's simple.

Nov 09 1:00 PM NFL @ Minnesota Vikings Win 14 (34.1%)
The Packers were looking good and the Vikings were so so, thus the nation went with the Pack. With 6 minutes left the Pack was up 6 and looking good. But the Vikings were able to shove home a late td to keep the streak alive.

Nov 09 8:15 PM NFL New York Giants Win 15 (66.2%)
Saturday night football the Eagles stayed with the Gmen for awhile but that night unlike yesterday was the Giants night.

Nov 15 7:45 PM NCF Alabama touchdowns scored (vs. Mississippi St.) Win 16 (72.3%)
Will a top team in the country playing an awful team have more tds than points Kentucky would beat Vandy by? Yes because Vandy beat Kentucky.

Nov 16 4:05 PM NFL Arizona Cardinals Win 17 (98.1%)
The Cards trip to Seattle any other year would be one to run away from for Cardinal fans. But in 2009 the Seahawks are god awful and the nation was very right.

Nov 18 7:00 PM NBA Miami Heat Win 18 (97.1%)
The Heat may not be great this year, but the Wizards really suck.

Nov 20 8:00 PM NBA Boston Celtics: Winning Margin Win 19 (47.6%)
The pick was whether the Celtics winning margin would be larger than Iverson's total assists. Considering AI doesn't pass much and the Celtics are awesome, this was an easy pick.

Nov 21 7:00 PM NBA Orlando Magic Win 20 (90.3%)
The Streak likes to offer NBA games where a good team faces a mediocre team on the road, and this is another example with the Magic going to Indy to play the Pacers. The Magic snuck out of Indy with an overtime victory to keep the streak going at 20.

Nov 22 3:30 PM NCF Boston College Eagles Win 21 (84.2%)
Down 5 points with 5 minutes to go BC drove 70 yards down the field for the game winning touchdown while taking 3:45 off the clock in the process.

Nov 23 1:00 PM NFL @ Baltimore Ravens Win 22 (51.3%)
Andy Reid's decision to bench his starting quarterback at half time certainly helped BigSam1122 extend the streak to 22.

Nov 24 8:30 PM NFL @ New Orleans Saints Win 23 (38.0%)
While gmreynolds was going for a million by betting on the Packers on the road, BigSam1122 went with the Saints. The Saints scored about 18 billion points to take it home.

Nov 30 1:00 PM NFL @ Tampa Bay Buccaneers Win 24 (69.3%)
One week after going with the Saints, he goes up against them. With 3:50 seconds left the Saints started a possession in a tied game only to watch Brees throw an interception which set up the Bucs for the game winning field goal.

Dec 07 4:15 PM NFL @ Pittsburgh Steelers Win 25 (74.2%)
All hope looked lost in the 4th quarter with the Steelers down by 10, but they roared back thanks to 2 clutch offensive possessions and a terrible Romo interception and the million was his.

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