This Is Why Draft Picks Are a Good Idea

Wednesday, December 03, 2008

On monday Brian Cashman decided that it was more important for the Yankees to not assure Bobby Abreu's departure than to offer him arbitration and get draft picks for when he leaves. Well Brian here's a quick lesson of the importance of top draft picks. See Dustin Pedroia.

Dustin Pedroia just won the god damn American League MVP. The MVP award just in case you forgot what it stands for is given to the Most Valuable Player in baseball. Now Dustin still yesterday Dustin was still in a contract with the Red Sox for 4 more season. 2009 under the 400K or so base pay and then 2010-2012 as arbitration eligible. But when your the MVP you really don't want to get paid 400K for another season so you enter into contract discussions to get paid now but because you don't have much leverage given your contract status you kind of have to take what they give you.

So what ended up happening? The Red Sox signed Pedroia, again the AL MVP, to a 6 year deal worth 40.5 million dollars with an option for a 7th year. 40.5 million dollars for the AL MVP for 6 years. You know what you're going to get for 40.5 million dollars Brian? A year and a half of Sabathia or a two years and a half of Burnett.

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