AFC East Division Winner Scenarios

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

There are a total of 32 possible combinations of wins and losses over the next two weeks. The Dolphins and Jets both win 12 of the possibilities where the Pats win the division in 8 of the scenarios.

1. I highlighted two of the Dolphins wins with a 1. In this scenario the Dolphins and Pats would have the same Division Record, Common Game Record, and Conference Record. It would then come down to Strength of Victory where beating a better team helps you out. The only difference in their victories would wind up being the Chiefs and the Chargers. The Dolphins would have beaten the Chargers and the Pats beaten the Chiefs. Because the Chargers have a better record the Dolphins would win the Tie-Breaker.

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Made a mistake in the initial layout but fixed it. The Pats only win in 4 of the options. If they lose to the Bills in the final weekend than they have zero shot of winning the division.

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