The Broadcaster Jynx: Jeff Wolfert

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Jeff Wolfert is a very accurate kicker. How accurate? Wll Wolfert eclipsed the NCAA Record for accuracy percentage after he made the field goal to tie the game at 23 and so ESPN's broadcasters started to stroke his stats. The ESPN broadcasters continued to go on and on about how great of a kicker he was, and when he stepped up to kick the game winner with 3 seconds left it was just a formality. ESPN even posted the tagline showing he was the most accurate kicker of all time to give the extra confidence boost.

So what does Wolfert do? He shanks it of course.

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ANd yetthat one kick doesnt change that he is still the most accurate kicker of all time in the NCAA!
He never missed a PAT 185 attempts... 185 made.
And you failed to mention that he made 3 of the 4 FGs in that game to contribute 12 pts to the Tigers winning score of 30

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