Goodbye WNBA Dynasty

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

The WNBA opened its doors in 1997 to American applause everywhere [ha]. When the doors were thrown open the greatest professional dynasty of the 90s shot through, the Houston Comets. What other American franchise could claim winning their leagues championship every active season during the decade? Then to throw the Cherry on top, the Comets took home the 2000 championship as well.

Well, after only the twelfth WNBA season, the Comets are closing up shop and shipping off all of their players in a dispersal draft. Why? Because the WNBA couldn't find a buyer for the organization. Ha.

4 Time WNBA Finals MVP Cynthia Cooper (now Cynthia Cooper-Dyke) said this:

"This is disturbing news, this is a team that was an integral part of the WNBA. It is a team that helped establish the league, helped the league grow roots." Houston Chronicle

Or translated to:

"Waaaaah, Waaaaahhh. Why does nobody love basketball that involves inferior athleticism and inferior play but with more, sometimes, attractive athletes?"

I just can't write anything more. After this severely depressing news I need to bury my face in a Chocolate Bar to ease the pain.

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