Faces of Fail: Week 17 Coaches

Monday, December 29, 2008

Jon Gruden is EMO.

Wade Phillips is battling a case of the sniffles.

Eric Mangini is finished watching Arm Punts.

Rod Marinelli is confused as to whether the scoreboard says 0-16.

Rod Marinelli is sad to see that it actually does say 0-16.

Romeo Crennel is eating for the last time at his favorite Cleveland Buffet.

Herman Edwards is not enjoying starting a QB from Coastal Carolina.

Marvin Lewis is ready to be the mercy kill.

Marvin Lewis is wishing Herman luck on his impending job search.

Dick Jauron is very intrigued but baffled as to how clocks work.

Mike Shanahan is uber-pissed that he lost to this chump.

Lovie Smith is preparing to clean up his tear drops with a red hanky.

Bill Belichick is getting blown out of the playoffs.

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LOL! Belichick apparently switched his hair care product of choice to mousse in preparation for entering a Robert Smith (from The Cure, not the Minnesota Vikings) lookalike contest.

Marinelli looks drunk in the first picture. I'd actually have gained a lot of respect for him if he'd started showing up to games sh*tfaced drunk every week after the Lions dropped to 0-11 or so.

Gruden has probably never looked more like "Chucky" from 'Child's Play' than in this picture..

Wade Phillips is making an ugly face at a fan who heckled him by saying that he looked like Larry Merchant. His comeback was "Yeah, but I'm not as *smart* as Larry Merchant, dumbass!"

Mangini's is the best because unlike the other coaches who look sad or disappointed, he looks pissed--like he's trying to figure out a way to will a groin injury on "The Gunslinger"....

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