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Thursday, December 18, 2008

1. New York Giants (11-3)
Remaining Schedule: Carolina, @Minnesota
Can Clinch Homefield With: A Win Carolina
Can Clinch Bye With: A Win or a Vikings loss

If the Giants win one of the next two games they get a bye. If they lose both then they could go from 11-1 to wildcard weekend.

2. Carolina Panthers (11-3)
Remaining Schedule: @Giants, @New Orleans
Can Clinch Division With: A Win

The Panthers still have to win a game to clinch the division title as both the Falcons and Bucs would hold a the tie-breaker over them thanks to a better record within the conference.

3. Minnesota Vikings (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: Atlanta, New York Giants
Can Clinch Division With: A Win or a Bears Loss
Can Clinch 2 Seed With: Two Wins and Two Giants Win
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Carolina, Chicago

The Vikings win this week and they clinch the division thanks to common game record. If they lose this week and beat the Giants while the Bears win out than it drops down to Strength of Victory in which would be a serious toss-up in the final week. The Bears would have key wins against the Colts and Eagles where as the Vikings would have key victories over the Giants and Cardinals.

4. Arizona Cardinals (8-6)
Remaining Schedule: @New England, Seattle
Already Clinched Division: Snooze
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Nobody

The Cardinals can get the 4 seed if they win out and the Vikings lose out. Snooze.

5. Dallas Cowboys (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: Baltimore, @Philadelphia
Can Clinch Wildcard With: Two Wins
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Tampa Bay

The Cowboys hold the tie-breaker over the Bucs and thus 2 wins gets them into the postseason and likely the 5 seed.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: San Diego, Oakland
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Nobody

They just need teams to lose ahead of them. They get two home games against AFC West candidates and win out and they'll have a chance. Too bad for them the Chargers are still alive coming into their game sunday or else they might have just laid down for them.

7. Atlanta Falcons (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: @Minnesota, St. Louis
Can Clinch the Wildcard With: Two Wins*

The Falcons do not control their destiny and yet can still win their division, the 5 seed or 6 seed.

8. Philadelphia Eagles (9-5)
Remaining Schedule: @Washington, Dallas
Holds Tie-Breaker Over: Doesn't matter cause of the tie.

For the Eagles it's simple win out and hope for a Bucs or Falcons loss. In reality they need either the Bucs or Falcons to lose this weekend as their week 17 competition is the Raiders and Rams respectively.

9. Chicago Bears (8-6)
Remaining Schedule: Green Bay, @Houston
Can Clinch Division With: Two Wins and Two Vikings Losses

The Bears obviously need to take care of business first but they need to put on their Matt Ryan hats big time.

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