Harris Poll Individual Votes

Thursday, December 11, 2008

I've ventured into the quest of making an Interactive Harris Poll much like the USA Today Poll. Below is the Google Docs attempt, its not overly interactive and its not the platform to get it done. It's an ok attempt but I'm still working towards the optimal solution.

Here's how it works. Each tab highlights the votes received by 3 different teams. So if you want to see Florida, Oklahoma and Texas look at the 1-3 tab. If you want to see Bama, USC and Penn St. look at the 4-6. Etc. When you scroll from left to right on each tab it will be easy to view the outliers.

If you want a detailed look at an individual ballot just click on one of the names in the top row you will be redirected to their top 25 ballot on the Harris' website. Unfortunately Google Docs does not support Vertical Text which is lame, so you're just getting the first two letters of their first name. Here's a list of the voters.

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