Jets Dictionary Day: Coverage

Monday, December 08, 2008

cov⋅er⋅age [kuhv-er-ij, kuhv-rij]
1. Insurance. protection provided against risks or a risk, often as specified: Does the coverage include flood damage?
2. Journalism. the reporting and subsequent publishing or broadcasting of news: The World Series receives international coverage.
3. the extent to which something is covered.
4. the area, groups, or number of persons served or reached by a newspaper, radio or television station, advertising campaign, business, etc.; market.
5. Radio and Television. the area within the broadcasting range of a station or network, usually calculated by the number of owners of radio or television receivers.
6. Finance. the value of funds held to back up or meet liabilities.
7. Photography. covering power.

Sentence Usage: The Jets coverage is non-existent. If the Jets were an Insurance company and they gave you similar coverage you would probably have to pay them if you were injured.

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