The 2008 Clicksy Awards: Videos

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SI's Hot Clicks is Running Their Very First Clicksy Awards going over the best and brightest of the blogosphere. So I figured I'd put my two cents in to discuss who I'm voting for. Now up, the videos. Their page has links to all of the videos.

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Cheesiest Team Video: Dodgers: Baseball Boogie, Eagles: Buddy's Watchin' You, Rams: Ram It
All 80s team music videos were horrible but the Rams was really bad.

Best Viral Ad: Kobe jumps over Aston Martin, Gatorade's ballgirl catch, Tiger walks on water
Tiger dominates this.

Best Video Of An Athlete Singing: Tony Romo sings Sweet Child O'Mine, Patriots sing The Right Stuff, Jonathan Papelbon and Manny Delcarmen sing Blame It On The Rain, Greg Oden sings It's Gonna Be Me
Can't say I saw the top three so we're going with Oden.

Coolest Athletic Video, Compilation: Remi Gaillard, Ben Wilson, Stuart Tanner schools Devin Harris
You got served by a White British dude in a sweater.

Coolest Athletic Video, Single Play: Wisconsin high school linebacker leaps over offensive lineman for tackle, Morgan State's Edwin Baptiste makes circus catch, Philip Lutzenkirchen of the Lassiter Trojans laterals ball from back of end zone
Catching the ball while going out of bounds and tossing it back to one of your teammates is pretty pimp.

Best Pop Culture Video: Sarah Silverman: I'm F------ Matt Damon, Bill O'Reilly flips out, Any Tina Fey as Sarah Palin clip
F'n Matt Damon was pretty classic, but I couldn't get enough of the Bill O'Reilly clip.

Favorite News Mishap: Bird poops in reporters mouth, Reporter walks into pole, Reporter gets taken out by sled
Does anything say funny quite like shit in the mouth?

Now Go Vote

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