NCAA the NFL Way: WildCard Matchups

Monday, December 15, 2008


#5 Florida at #4 Georgia Tech in Atlanta

Florida Key Wins: Miami, LSU, UGA (n), @FSU, South Carolina
Florida Losses: Ole Miss

Georgia Tech Key Wins: @BC, @Clemson, Miami, @UGA,
Georgia Tech Losses: @VT, UVA, @UNC

#6 TCU at #3 Southern Cal in Los Angeles

TCU Key Wins: BYU
TCU Bad Losses: @OU, @Utah

Southern Cal Key Wins: tOSU, Oregon, Cal
Southern Cal Losses: @Oregon St.


#6 Texas at #3 Penn St. in Happy Valley

Texas Key Wins: OU(n), Mizzou, Okie St., @Kansas
Texas Losses: @TT

Penn St. Key Wins: Oregon St., @tOSU, Michigan St.
Penn St. Bad Losses: @Iowa

#5 Texas Tech at #4 Cincinnati in Cincy

Cincy Key Wins: USF, @WVU, Pitt
Cincy Bad Losses: @Oklahoma, @UConn

Texas Tech Key Wins: Nebraska, @Kansas, Texas, Okie St.
Texas Tech Bad Losses: @Oklahoma

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who on earth would believe that
Texas could win in Happy Valley in the winter? Seriously? Do people think that Colt McCoy has any idea how to handle, let alone throw a pig skin when the temperature is below 37 degrees(which is the highest the temperature is slated to get this week in state college). He probably hasn't seen temperatures during the season that were below 40. He'd lose his mind trying to throw a cold football.

Anonymous said...
11:38 AM  

Don't get me wrong, I know Northeast weather in winter sucks, but to argue your point, Colt McCoy and Texas beat Kansas 35-7 in Lawrence on November 15 when the high of the day was 42 (and lower at game time). I do believe they he and the Longhorns can beat the Nittany Lions in Happy Valley.

Anonymous said...
3:22 PM  

I don't necessarily think GT would beat UF in such a playoff game. But if you're going to list FSU as a key win for the Gators, you may as well list them as a key win for the Ramblin' Wreck as well. Otherwise, I like the NFL-style playoff, sans the byes. If you're going to play that week, you may as well make the top seeds play as well to get a couple more teams in the mix. Just MHO. - Chad (Hoboken, NJ)

Anonymous said...
3:26 PM  

Beating Kansas in 40+ degrees is a lot different than beating Penn State in freezing temps with possible snow. But that being said, as much as I'd rather see Penn State win that game Texas probably would win in a close one rather than by any sort of blowout.

Anonymous said...
10:17 AM  

Lol to the Gator Haters. Seriously, 25% of you are retarded.

Anonymous said...
11:42 PM  

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