Fun with The Coaches Poll Outliers

Monday, December 08, 2008

It's the last poll of the year, so the USA Today kindly gives us this beautiful interactive chart featuring all of the coaches who vote. Let's have some fun looking at some of the more ridiculous and random outliers.

My Team is Better than Everybody Else Thinks It Is
Hey Mike Leach, the Red Raiders are #2 in the country? Ahead of Florida, Texas, and Alabama? Awesome. Butch Davis thinks North Carolina should be ranked, the rest of the world does not. Bo Pelini knows Nebraska should be ranked, other coaches do not.

Grr We Beat You, You Aren't As Good as People Say
I'm not saying I'd vote for Ball St. in the top 25 either, but Buffalo's Coach Turner Gill doesn't think they're that good as he was one of the 12 coaches who left the Cardinals off his ballot.

That Team Beat Us Because They Are Super-Dooper Awesome
Ole Miss had some good games and emerged as probably the 3rd or 4th best team in the SEC this year, but Urban you seriously voted them in at #12?

Hey You Used to Coach With Me, I'll Rank You Higher
Hal Mumme used to employ Mike Leach as his offensive coordinator from 1989-1998, so I guess he's got a little loyalty there when he ranks TT at #3. Gene Chizik was one of 4 who voted Texas #1, it just so happens he was the Co-Defensive Coordinator of Texas in 05 and 06.

My Daddy Should Be Ranked
Fired Tommy Bowden still has a vote and he voted daddy #21. Daddy on the other hand left the Seminoles off his ballot.

No We're the 2nd Best Team in Texas Not You
Gary Patterson voted two loss TCU at #10 and 1 loss Texas Tech at #11. Guess he just thinks his ass whoopin by the Sooners was better than Leach's ass whoopin by the Sooners.

Pat Hill is Random and Doesn't Like Mormons
Pat Hill is going for the most random ballot. Kansas at #16, he knows they lost 5 times right? Plus, Rutgers is ranked huh? You finished 7-5, they finished 7-5 and you beat them by 17. I'm confused. And the icing on the cake is apparently Hill's dislike for Mormons as he was the only coach to not include BYU in the poll.

Rick Neuheisel is the Riddler
Texas at #1? Uh I guess. Oklahoma at #4? Perhaps. Cincinnati is #19 and Pitt is unranked? I guess he's just a west coast guy. Oregon St. is #17? Perhaps he didn't want to drop them much.

Gary Pinkel Hates All Mid-Majors Equally
Utah is #15. Boise St. is #16. TCU is #17. Mizzou is #18. BYU is #19. Is there a school in there that doesn't fit?

Tyrone Willingham Needs a Job
Hey hey Gary, I voted Mizzou #11. How about you get me an assistants job?

Can you find any other ridiculous outliers or biased voters?

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Steve Spurrier was the only SEC Coach not to vote florida number 1....

Brad said...
2:03 PM  

Mack Brown voted Rice 24th. I'm not trying to say that Rice is all that undeserving of a Top 25 ranking, but I guarantee Mack wouldn't have them ranked if they didn't play Texas.

Anonymous said...
2:55 PM  

riley did not include uga in his ballot...only coach to do so.

RedDevilDawg said...
3:38 PM  

Gary Pinkel, the Missouri coach really doesn't respect the non-BCS conferences- he voted Utah 15th when nobody else had them lower than 9th, and Boise State 16th, nobody else had them lower than 11. Georgia Tech on the other hand, at 9-3, is his #9?

Anonymous said...
5:52 PM  

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