Arm Punt Formations: Runnin Just Ain't The Same

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Episode 7 of Arm Punt Formations starring the "Gunslinger"

a comic strip!

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Point of logical continuity--wouldn't the gunslinger have a permit to carry a concealed "hunters ball" for his self defense and thus not be worried about a "scary black man" even one that looks like Morpheus? Plus, he's from Mississippi where white folks are allowed to kill scary black men without any legal recourse.

As you know, "Arm Punt Formations" are a highlight of my week--however its easier to enjoy when I'm able to suspend disbelief that such a bizarre character exists, and having a cohesive logical framework for the strip makes this easier to facilitate.

The Prophet said...
10:17 AM  

Point taken.

Simon said...
10:43 AM  

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