The Thoughts of a Deranged Jets Fan

Monday, December 29, 2008

Here is a recap of my thoughts throughout a Sunday afternoon at the bar. All times are estimated

1:00-2:15 Go Buffalo

2:15 Aww crap stupid Rian Lindell

2:30 Haha, can't kick through a 50 mile per hour wind can you Gostkowski.

2:45 Seriously? Dick Jauron might be the worst coach in the NFL. How do you call a run on 3rd down with 22 seconds left and no timeouts left? You're getting fired tomorrow and you deserve to get fired. The Bills are done, this sucks.

2:55 Trent Edwards you stupid prick, how the hell do you not see the rusher right in your god damn face. The Bills are screwed.

3:00 Touchdown Pats, well there goes the division.... Go Chad?

4:00 Hmm, what are the chances the Jaguars come up big? I mean the Raiders won so maybe? Please maybe?

4:20 Eh 3-0 Baltimore shit.

4:25 Nice Arm Punt Brett ya douche.

4:30 J A G S JAGS,JAGS,JAGS... 7-3 Wooooo

4:35 6-0 Jets Yay

4:40 Crappity Crap Crap the Jags are fucked... Go Chad?

4:50 Eh touchdown Chad, stupid f'n Jets

4:55 Oh shit balls, this Jags game is over... Go Chad?

5:25 Wow Brett you really Phil Merling in stride. Congrats on that studly pass.

5:30-7:00 Whatever just give me an f'n beer, Screw Mangini, Screw Favre, Screw the Pats.

7:10 Another god damn interception... Well at least the Pats aren't making the playoffs. Get me another drink.

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