Fun With The Harris Poll Outliers

Thursday, December 11, 2008

If you want to see all of the Harris Poll Ballots in the Same Place to see if you can find more ridiculous outliers, Go Here.

The Harris Poll Voters are a mish-mosh of the famous and the random and while they have less conflicting interests than coaches obviously do, their ballots are just as wacked out if not more so.

Larry Keech Has a Mid-Major Crush, Makes the Case for the Worst Ballot On the Planet
1 Man and 1 Man alone voted Utah #1, and that man is Larry Keech. He followed that up by ranking Boise St. #2 and Texas #3 then Oklahoma and Florida. But the mid major crush does not end there. Ball St. at 10 despite the embarrassing championship loss. TCU at #11. And Rice at #18? Seriously Rice. And of course he went out in a mid-major flurry. Western Michigan at #23, East Carolina at #24 and Tulsa at #25. This same bright jackass voted Hawaii #1 last year. Any chance his vote can be revoked?

Thurman Thomas is Anti-Leach
Thurman Thomas voted his former squad Okie St. at #12 so only 1 spot above where the Cowboys wound up. So where's the confusion? How about the fact that he voted Texas Tech at #14 despite them having two more wins including a 56-20 beatdown of the Cowboys.

I Wonder Who Voted for Rutgers?
Hmm look at Rutgers down there with 2 points despite going 7-5. I wonder who voted for them. If you guessed their radioplay-by-play guy Chris Carlin than you sir would be correct.

On That Note, Who Voted for Nebraska?
Our former ESPN and former CornHusker Trev Alberts of course.

Other Alma Mater Bumping
Former Beaver Travis Prentice had Oregon St. highest on his ballot when he put them 16th.

Oh Shit I Kind of Well Forgot
Don Criqui, the CBS broadcaster, kind of forgot to send in his ballot.

Didn't TCU Crush BYU? Must Be A Lot of Mormon Voters
Packers Director of Scouting John Dorsey might have missed the memo on that outcome because he ranked TCU at #24 (far and away their lowest ranking) while ranking BYU at #23. Interesting choice. Perhaps former Ohio St. coach Earl Bruce was also busy that weekend because he voted BYU #12 and TCU #21. Mike McGee was also throwing down shots of Tequila that weekend as he had TCU at #17 and BYU at #15. Former UConn AD, John Toner, completed the confusin with TCU at #18 and BYU at #17.

I Guess When You Live in Hawaii You Grow To Hate the East
Bob Wagner the former Hawaii coach must have a little grudge against the Big East as he voted only one team in the Big East into the top 25, conference champs Cincy at #25. Think he was trying to lower their ranking to try and sneak Boise St. in?

I Appreciate the High Education
Former UNLV AD Charlie Cavagnaro may have called his softball players 'Dykes in Spikes' and his basketball players monkeys but he appreciates some good old fashion learning and that's why he has Northwestern at #12.

Conference USA Sucks Right? I think This Guy is Confused
Former SMU athletic director Jim Copeland voted Tulsa #14 which gave them 12 of the 20 poll points they were allotted.

Bonus Points for Being the Defending Champ?
Army Radio broadcaster John Minko voted LSU at #23 and allotted them all three of the points they were given. You can't really blame Minko, it's got to be miserable for your health to watch Army every week.

Got any others? Leave Them in the Comments.

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Anonymous said...
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Didn't Travis Prentice go to Miami of Ohio, not Oregon State?

Anonymous said...
1:33 PM  

travis prentice DID go to miami of ohio. not oregon state.

henry said...
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