Some Harris Poll Voters Don't Pay Attention

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oh really a poll that consists of 100 random folks ranging from former players to radio broadcasters to sports information directors (huh?) has people that don't pay much attention. You don't say. For proof let's hand it over to Berry Trammel of the Oklahoman:

I asked Harris poll voter Pat Quinn, the former Oklahoma State University sports information director, how he would vote OU and Texas if the Sooners won Saturday night.

“Oh, I don’t know,” Quinn said. “Doesn’t really matter.”


“I think Alabama and Penn State will probably play for the national championship,” Quinn said.

You do?

“They’re the only undefeated teams, aren’t they,” Quinn said.

Uh, actually, Penn State has a loss.

“Oh well,” Quinn said, “those Big Ten teams have a lot of votes.”

I just can't wait for Penn St. to get pummeled in the title game.

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