Is It Time To Bet on the Manning Bowl?

Friday, December 12, 2008

I was perusing BetUS Sportsbook to see if I could find any interesting bets for the football season and I came across the Manning Bowl. The odds for an all Manning Superbowl this year is +900.

So is +900 a good bet? Currently the Colts are +400 to reach the Superbowl which puts them as the third favorite in the AFC behind the Steelers and the Titans. This means that in all likelihood they will have to win three straight road games. Whom would they likely face off against? First you have either the AFC East champ or Denver Broncos. The Colts have eaten the Broncos alive historically so that would be a safe bet. The Jets can't cover the pass so again a safe bet. The Dolphins, Chad vs. Peyton worked out in the Jets favor years ago but I think Peyton is over his postseason malaise now. And the Pats well it's Cassel not Brady. The next round will be a lot trickier. One or the other the Colts will have to go on the road to Pitt or Tennessee and deal with a team that can consistently run the ball down their throat and then in all likelihood they will have to beat the other squad the very next week. The Colts road is a difficult one.

What about the G-Men? The GMen are currently at +120 and the leading favorite to reach the Superbowl in the NFC and all of the NFL. They're currently locked into the bye and likely homefield throughout. That would force them to win only two home games, but is that a good thing? Eli has historically never thrown a tight spiral and the wind as seen last week can play massive tricks on his passes, but will an excellent performance on his end truly be needed? Just look at their possible opponents. The Vikings have no passing attack. The Cardinals have already experienced one Giant beatdown. The Cowboys are crumbling emotionally. The Eagles are coming back but might not get in. The Bears have Kyle Orton. The GMen beat the Bucs last postseason with ease. Jake Delhomme throws countless horrible interceptions. There's a reason why the Giants are the odds on favorite to represent the NFC.

So would you lay down 100 to take home a grand on the Manning Bowl? Do you think the Giants will repeat as NFC champs while Peyton battles on the road for three straight weeks?

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