A Look At What Could Have Been

Friday, December 05, 2008

In 2006 the Celtics were abysmal. They were a horrendous basketball team that was even horrendous at being horrendous. Eventually they just started tanking games and I was all for it. Why? Because I wanted Greg Oden. I wanted him in Green. I wanted him paired up with Al Jefferson for eternity. Could you imagine? Jefferson utterly dominant and dynamic in the post on the offensive end, but eh on the defensive end and Oden the exact opposite? A more perfect big man blend would be difficult to imagine.

And then in June when the chances looked wonderous, the dreams were crushed. The Celtics lost the draft lottery and the pairing was not to be. The Celtics went on to get KG, Ray Allen, Eddie House and James Posey to win an NBA title to dull this memory out quickly, but forgive me if I slip into what if every once in awhile, I still love Big Al.

Tonight marks a glimpse into that what could have been as Oden's Blazers head into the Garden to lose to the Celtics. And maybe I'll be the only one thinking about what could have been rather than focusing on what already is the best team in the NBA.

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