Pick #25 is Elusive No Longer

Sunday, December 07, 2008

Bigsam1122 was patient. He waited 6 days to make his 24th pick and when he selected the Bucs he was just one pick from being a millionaire. And so he waited, he waited an entire week to make his final selection in his lengthy quest.

Throughout the week Bigsam1122 opted against many different options. He avoided monday night football and the Canucks vs. Jackets. On tuesday he opted to stay away from whether Stoke or Arsenal would score more goals, the over under on the Lakers Pacers game and goal total in Lighting Fliers game. On wednesday, the goal total in the Lazio vs. AC Milan game, the winner of the Penguins vs. Rangers, nor the winner of the Bucks vs. the Bulls were his cup of tea. On thursday night 6 different options were available including the over/under in the Raiders game but no cigar. Fridays 6 course slate included whether Paul Pierce or Brandon Roy would score more points, but this was not the dish for him. Yesterdays college football slate consisted of 7 options including the obvious pick of the Wannstache against the Huskies but he didn't want a mustache ride to a million.

And finally today he skipped over the early games and went straight to taking the home favorite Steelers against the Cowboys. At about 7:10 it must have looked dire. The Cowboys were up by 10 with only so much time left on the clock. But all of that changed. The Steelers put up 10 offensive points to tie the game with a litte over 2 minutes remaining. And then Tony Romo threw a beutiful touchdown pass of BigSam, one directly to Deshea Townsend. After a 4 incomplete Romo passes it was complete, ESPN is paying one random individual 1 million dollars thanks to some smart decisions and some luck. Congrats and don't spend it all in one place.

Pick by Pick Breakdown of BigSam1122 Path to a Million

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my guess is that he waited til Sunday as he could get a lot more money down as a hedge on the biggest NFL game of the week than he could on anything else. If he didnt want to hedge one of the English Premier League soccer games UNDER would likely have been the best % play available to him.

The Prophet said...
7:42 PM  

I agree - I'm pretty sure he hedged this thing out. Any sane person would.

JP said...
2:14 PM  

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