The 2008 Clicksy Awards: Bizarre Stories

Thursday, December 11, 2008

SI's Hot Clicks is Running Their Very First Clicksy Awards going over the best and brightest of the blogosphere. So I figured I'd put my two cents in to discuss who I'm voting for. Last up is the bizarre stories category.

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Bizarre Stories

Most Bizarre off-field story: Jason Giambi admits to wearing lucky thong, Sean Avery does a summer internship at "Vogue", Chad Johnson changes his name to "Ocho Cinco", Green Bay station pulls "Seinfeld" because it's Eli Manning's favorite show
All of these stories are very odd, but for a TV station to pull a show thinking it was going to effect their opponent, that's just a bit ridiculous.

Most Bizarre On-Field Incident: College pitcher intentionally(?) hurls pitch at umpire, Referee throws forearm at South Carolina quarterback, End of the Steelers-Chargers game in Week 11
I've been a part of the don't catch the ball let it hit the umpire before, that happens way more often than people think. I've never seen a referee blow up a running back on a play before.

Wackiest Minor League Promotion: Elliott Spizter Night, Larry Craig Bobblefoot Night, Beetle Eating Night
Anything involving Spitzer this year was wacky.

Worst Sports TV Moment: TBS misses start of Game 6 of the ALCS and shows The Steve Harvey Show, Game 6 of NHL Finals on Versus gets cut off in third period for Victoria Principal infomercial, Fox's Danielle Sargent's interview with Mike Singletary
You can't ask someone with a serious face how their conversation with a dead man went the night before.

Most Ridiculous Injury: Brandon Inge injured lifting a pillow, Mikhail Youzhny splits his head open after hitting himself with his racket, Hunter Pence walks through a sliding door, MLS' Fabian Espindola breaks leg after doing backflip to celebrate goal
The best part of this injury was the fact that the goal was waved off because he was offside, therefore he broke his leg celebrating nothing.

Most Embarrassing Fan Moment: Rockets fan proposes during game, girlfriend says no, Phillies fan gets knocked off traffic light by flying vodka bottle, Naked woman in SkyDome hotel gets put on JumboTron during Blue Jays game
Proposing at a sports event is pretty lame in the first place, but getting rejected in the process, wow.

Most Disturbing Fan Story: Patriots fan tattoo's logo into his head, Bruins fan urinates on other fans during game, Iowa fans have sex in Metrodome bathroom
You had me at urinates.

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