Reviewing the NHL Useless Predictions

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

I make predictions. Mostly for fun, but I shall be made accountable for all my predictions and thus why I have these reviews. Even in instances where I name the post Completely Useless NHL Season Predictions. So let's breakdown just how useless these picks were.

Western Conference Playoff Rankings

1. Detroit Redwings - Central Winners Actual Retail Price - 1. Ya got this completely right. In your face hockey experts.
2. Mighty Ducks - Pacific Winners - Actual Retail Price - 4. So two spots off. Big F'n deal.
3. Calgary Flames - Northwest Winners - Actual Retail Price - 7. A couple of seeds off again. But whatever in the playoffs.
4. San Jose Sharks - Actual Retail Price - 2 & Pacific Winner. Close but not quite.
5. Minnesota Wild - Actual Retail Price - 3 & Northwest Winner. Again close but not quite.
6. Dallas Stars - Actual Retail Price - 5. One Seed off. So close.
7. Nashville Predators - Actual Retail Price - 8. One Seed off again. Boo.
8. Colorado Avalanche - Actual Retail Price - 6. Two seeds off, big deal.

So if you can count up to 8, which may be questionable for some of the readers at this site, I nailed all of the Western conference playoff teams. 8 for 8. The seeding is off of course, but that's really not a big deal. Seeding is such a crapshoot in hockey playoffs anyway.

Eastern Conference Playoff Rankings

1. Ottawa Senators - Northeast Winners - Actual Retail Price - 7. Whoops not very close on that one.
2. Hartford Whalers - Southeast Winners - Actual Retail Price - Uh no playoffs. Whatever if Florida didn't pee on their snowman they would have won the division and been the 3 seed. So it was close.
3. New York Rangers - Atlantic Winners - Actual Retail Price - 5. Not bad only 2 seeds off.
4. Pittsburgh Penguins - Actual Retail Price - 2 & Atlantic Winners. Again only 2 seeds off.
5. New Jersey Devils - Actual Retail Price - 4. So close.
6. Buffalo Sabres - Actual Retail Price - Your Local Frosted Buffalo Golf Course. They finished 10th so no playoffs for them.
7. Philadelphia Flyers - Actual Retail Price - 6. One seed away again.
8. Boston Bruins - Actual Retail Price - 8. Wooooo. Nailed them Bruins down.

Epic Failures...
Montreal Canadians - No playoffs predicted. They are the #1 seed in the East.
Washington Capitals - No playoffs predicted. They are the #3 seed in the East.

So that's two division winners I picked to not make the playoffs. Way to go on those sweet picks. But 6 of the 8 playoff teams isn't disgraceful.


For someone that watches approximately 5 regular season hockey games a year, and that might be pushing it I think my predictions were pretty pimp. I mean they're better than sports I actually watch on a consistant basis. So that's probably pathetic. Overall I predicted 14 of the 16 playoff teams. And I nailed two teams, the Red Wings with the best record in the league (went out on a limb there) and the Bruins with the 8th seed in the East. See how big of a fan I am of the Bruins, I knew exactly what kind of team they would be this season. Anyway, let's start the epically long playoffs and see if those picks can actually be proven right as well. I bet the pick of the Whalers losing in the Eastern Conference finals will be wrong.

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