The NBA, Where Boredom Happens

Monday, April 28, 2008

I was busy getting drunk on Friday and Saturday to realize what was going on during the NBA playoffs and I've come to the conclusion that what I missed was a collective nothing. Once again the NBA postseason has been completely dull and story-less thus far. 5 series are currently at 3-1, the Lakers are at 3-0, the Celtics will most likely increase their series lead to 3-1, and the only series knotted up consists of two incredibly boring squads to watch in the Sixers and Pistons.

The Suns Spurs was the one series I was truly looking forward to watching, and thanks to their inability to hold onto a lead in San Antonio they put themselves in an almost impossible 3-0 hole. The Celtics despite them being my team of choice play uninspiring uninteresting games against the Hawks. The only interesting part of the Lakers series is watching the Nuggets internally self destruct during the postgame commentary. The Hornets eat up Jason Kidd to the point where he tried to throw Pargo's head into the parquet. The Rockets can't win a playoff series with Yao nevermind without him. The Lebron's could have found themselves in an interesting series if they lost game 4, but alas Delonte West who was the real value in their midseason trade had to make bunch of threes. The Magic are dismantling the boring Raptors. And finally you have a 2-2 series between the 76ers with zero superstars versus the boring Pistons.

The first round had potential but it's all gone now, so please someone wake me up if the playoffs get interesting at any point in time.

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